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Study in Canada – An Ultimate Indian Students Guide (2020)

Canada is a top choice among Indians for study abroad programmers’. Canada has the world’s eighth-largest residing Indian population. Due to this reason, Indians get the Canada students visa easily as compared to others. The quality of education and the lifestyle along with the beauty of Canada make it one of the most preferred countries for higher education. Degrees from Canadian universities have a high value in various parts of the world and are accepted everywhere. The government of Canada has several policies for the graduating students including international students. A lot of people choose Canada for the Study Abroad programs as Canada students visa is easily accepted.

If you are willing to Study in Canada then, here’s our guide to help you with all the necessary information you will need to know.

Why Study in Canada

When it comes to education, Canada is ranked among the top countries. Canada has some of the world’s most esteemed universities and its degrees are accepted in all parts of the world. There are many reasons to choose Canada for your higher education. It is a developed nation with all kinds of facilities available. Living in Canada would be an experience of a lifetime, with all the beautiful places to visit and historical monuments. The cost of education, as well as the cost of living, is affordable. Besides, student visa to Canada is easily accepted.

10 Best Universities to Study in Canada for Indian students

Here is a list of the 10 best universities in Canada.

1. University of Toronto 


The University of Toronto is the top Canadian university and was ranked 18th best university globally by the Times magazine. It is one of Canada’s oldest universities and currently has around 5 lakh alumni in various corners of the world. The University has around fourteen thousand highly qualified faculty members. The University of Toronto has students from all over the world.

The top education system along with highly qualified professors attracts genius students from every part. In the year 2018, around 20,000 International students enrolled in this university in various programmers’.

The University offers graduate and undergraduate programmers’ in several courses. If you wish you to do your PhD from a renowned university in Canada then, the University of Toronto would be a perfect choice. The medical school of this University is the best in Canada. The University of Toronto has 3 campuses and 44 libraries, highest for any university in Canada. The university offers several scholarship programmers’ to International students to get some percentage off tuition fees.

2. University of British Columbia 


The University of British Columbia or the UBC, as it is commonly called, is among the top universities in Canada. It lands on the 38th position on the top universities globally list. It is a public university and has campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna. UBC is Canada’s top research institution and was established in the year 1902, making it one of Canada’s oldest universities. UBC has produced several notable people who proudly claim to be its alumni such as 3 Canadian Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize winners, Olympic medalists.

The Vancouver based UBC is preferred by many students because of the milder weather conditions and the beautiful beaches and mountains surrounding it. The University of British Columbia offers many courses and is considered as the leading Accounting & finance among several Canadian universities. To get enrolled in UBC you have to clear an examination. Different programs require different examination qualifications such as GRE, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, and many others.

3. McMaster University 


McMaster University is the fourth-ranked Canadian university. The university is known for its Medical school which is considered as one of the best globally. McMaster University is situated in Hamilton, a city near Toronto. The campus is 15 minutes drive away from the Royal Botanical Garden. The percentage of international students who graduated from McMaster University in the year 2018 was 27%.

The faculty consists of more than 1000 highly qualified professors and teachers. Besides having several academic courses, McMaster University also has top class curriculum programmers’. Students can join sports teams, drama, and other various activities. At McMaster University, there are around 300 clubs and organizations represented by students. The university has hostel facilities available and can accommodate around 3000 students with services provided.

International students can apply for scholarships programmers’ as well. The university intakes students in three terms, fall, spring, and winter. McMaster is among the best colleges in Canada in research work specifically in the field of health sciences.

4. McGill University 


McGill University situated in Montreal, lands on 42nd position globally in the Times Higher Education list. McGill University was Canada’s earliest medical college and gained the Royal Charter within the same year establishment.

The University provides fully equipped accommodation halls for students with necessary services provided. The university’s main courses are undergraduate and postgraduate in various fields. As of recent data, the university has around 12,000 international students. McGill University has made several contributions to research. The Advancement of Atomic theory and the creation of football are few among the various research contributions done to the society by this university.

The university has notable alumni who have done remarkable work in various fields. McGill is known for providing perks and amenities to International students; it offers internships to graduates and postgraduates to prepare them for the outside world. McGill is ranked 3rd in Canadian universities ranking.

5. University of Montreal 


The University of Montreal is the fifth-best university in Canada. This is the most preferred university for undergraduate studies. Montreal University was founded in 1878. During the initial years, it had only three facilities, theology, law, and medicine. But now this university has 13 faculties which cover all fields of courses. More than 67,000 students are enrolled in this university 27% of which are in the undergraduate students. 

Out of these 67,000 students, 10,000 are International students. The university promotes sports, culture, and other various activities. The University of Montreal is home to several certified organization and clubs Football and hockey are the top games and interested students can join the college team. The University of Montreal has 465 research departments and units, the most for any university in Canada. It is ranked third on the list of top 50 research institutions in Canada. The major exam qualification accepted by the University of Montreal is the IELTS exam score. The university’s yearly accommodation and meal expense is around 2.1 lakh. 

6. University of Ottawa 


The University of Ottawa ranks 7th in the Canadian universities ranking. Located in the Capital city of Canada, It is ranked 141st on the global list of top universities. Ottawa University was the first bilingual University and offers courses in English as well as French. It is a public university and students from more than 150 countries enrolled in this university for quality education. 

The tuition fee of Ottawa University is comparatively cheaper and the students enjoy living in the downtown area. The university offers more than 400 programmers’ of graduate and undergraduate courses. Students also get to work in one of Canada’s top universities along with a quick placement. The University of Ottawa houses several departments such as faculty of engineering, faculty of medicine, faculty of literature, and many more. It is counted as one of the best research institutions mainly focusing in the field of molecular and environmental sciences and E-society.

7. University of Waterloo 


Located in Canada’s technology hub, waterloo, and this university ranks eighth on the list of Canadian universities and somewhere between 201st to 205th positions. In the field of co-operative education programs, the University of Waterloo has emerged as the leading institution. The University’s engineering and physical science programmers’ are best in any Canadian institute. 

International students prefer this university for its postgraduate degree which is the largest co-operative program. Currently, the university has 31,380 undergraduate students and 5,290 graduate students. Out of these, 20% of undergraduate and 40% of postgraduate students are international students. The University of waterloo attracts International students with their quality education and scholarship programmers’. It also promotes equality and a healthy environment for all. The university’s campus is situated on a 1000 acre land, with a beautiful building and green environment surrounding it.

8. Ryerson University 


Ryerson University was established in 1948 and since then has emerged as one of the fastest-growing institutions in Canada. The University is popular among international students who wish to live in downtown Toronto. Currently, the university has 45,000 students enrolled in the undergraduate program from more than 140 countries. 

Ryerson University has 62 undergraduate programs and 42 other minor courses. The wide range of courses offered includes several fields such as Arts, commerce, science, design, business, and Architectural business. The university has several facilities such as faculty of communication, community services, design, and many more. Ryerson has many notable alumni in different parts of the world who have done remarkable works. Nina Dobrev, a famous TV personality and Shay Mitchell are some of the famous alumni associated with Ryerson University. The university has special ESL programs for students who fail to meet the minimum English Proficiency requirement.

9. University of Calgary 


The University of Calgary is situated amid the Rocky Mountains and was established in 1966 and is situated in Calgary, Alberta. It is ranked the tenth best university in Canada. Every year the university enrolled 30,000 students. Out of these, 3,000 are International students from all over the world. 

The University of Calgary is a research university and has around 50 research centres. The most preferred courses in the University of Calgary are engineering, commerce, and kinesiology. The university has a 94% graduate employment rate. It was ranked at sixth position in Canada in the research field. 

International students can apply for various scholarship programs. The University of Calgary provides accommodation and other amenities to international students and locals as well. The yearly cost of accommodation at the University of Calgary is around 5.7 lakh, including meal expenses. Students are provided other services as well. To be eligible for admission in this university one must have a minimum TOEFL score of 86 or IELTS score around 6.5.

10. Western University


It ranks number ninth on the list of best Canadian universities. The university is located in London, Ontario, one of the most beautiful locations in Canada. The university is primarily focused on research discoveries and is well known for its academic programs which are considered the best. 

When it comes to offering choices, Western University has 400 undergraduate programs and 88 postgraduate programs. More than 38,000 students are associated with this university belonging to various parts of the world. The campus of Western University is considered one of the best in Canada. It is situated amid trees and green spaces. The University’s most preferred programs business administration, dentistry, law, and medicine. International students are provided housing accommodation and other amenities. International students can apply for available scholarship programs.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements to Apply For Canadian Universities

To get admitted into a degree program, the student must be 18 years or above. International students are required to meet the minimum English Language level. For science streams, the 12th score should be a minimum of 70% whereas for humanities 60% is enough


  • Copies of mark sheets of 10th, 12th and bachelor’s (if applying for postgraduate or PhD)
  • Two reference letters (academic)
  • Score report of GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL
  • Other certificates and achievements 
  • Resume 
  • Medical tests 
  • Proof of funds 
  • Statement of Purpose. 

Cost of Education in Canada

When it comes to cost, a study in Canada for International students is affordable. Canada has the lowest tuition fees for foreign students. You are also provided scholarships for chances to minimize your tuition fees. On average 8 months, fees of an undergraduate program in Canada costs C $11,900.

S.no. Study program Average annual fee
1 Undergraduate program $13,000 to $20,000
2 Postgraduate master’s degree $17,000 to $25,000
3 Doctoral degree $7,000 to $15,000
4 MBA $30,000 to $40,000

Higher education in Canada

Canada is a good choice for higher education. It has some of the world’s top universities and provides several perks and amenities to international students. The education cost is affordable and your career can get a very good head start with a degree from the best Canadian colleges.


To conclude, if you are interested in study abroad and looking for the right country that will provide you with affordable quality education then, Canada is the right choice. 


How much study gap is acceptable in Canada?

Canada accepts study gaps. Most Canadian universities accept a maximum gap of 2 years for the undergraduate program. The gap generally depends on the university. Some universities even accept a gap of 7 years. For students who are applying for postgraduate programs, a gap of 5 years is accepted. In some cases, you will have to provide proof of your gap years. Study gaps are sometimes needed to prepare better and therefore, Canadian universities promote study gaps. 

What are the requirements to study masters in Canada?

To study Masters in Canada you need to have certain requirements.

  • 16 years of education including ax4 years bachelor’s degree
  • Some Master’s degree requires the GMAT/GRE test score
  • Proof of English proficiency required, TOEFL (90+) or IELT (6.0 to 7.5)
How can international students apply in Canada?

International students can apply for study abroad courses in Canadian universities. There are two ways you can apply, the on paper or online. If you are applying on paper, you will receive a package that will contain a guide and the form. Read the instructions properly to avoid any mistakes. Fill up the form carefully and make sure you attach all the necessary documents or else your application will be delayed. You will have to pay your fees before you apply.

How to apply for a study permit online in Canada?

To apply for a study permit in Canada you will be required:

  • An acceptance letter from a designated Canada colleges and universities
  • Passport
  • Proof that you can support yourself while living in Canada

Applying online:

  • Create electronic copies of your documents
  • You will need a credit/debit card to make payments
  • Read the instructions guide

When applying online you will have to pay some amount as processing fee and biometrics

  • You will require a Medical certificate

After gathering the required documents and money you just need to sign up and fill the online application, make the payments, upload the documents and you will be done.

How do I apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Applying for Canadian citizenship is easy you just need to eligible for citizenship. You can apply for Canadian citizenship after 5 years of being a permanent residence.

  • Be a permanent residence
  • Must have lived in Canada as a permanent residence for 1095 days
  • Must have filed your taxes in the last 3 years
  • Provide proof that you know how to read and write in either English or French

If you fail to meet any of these criteria then your application will be rejected and you will have to apply again. 

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