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Study Abroad – An Ultimate Expert Guide For Indian Students

A lot of students have the ambition to study abroad after completing their boards’ examination. Over the years, studying abroad has become a global phenomenon, with an exponential increase in the number of students opting for college abroad. There are several reasons as to why more and more students now prefer countries like Uk, USA etc. for higher education. A few decades back in India, education in a foreign country was only popular among the rich and upper class because of how expensive it was. But now, with the availability of various packages, and scholarship offers provided by the universities, a study in abroad has become feasible.

There are several organizations and career counsellors’ to help those students who want to pursue higher education in a foreign country. These organizations help the students in choosing the right career at the right university. They also help in the visa application.

If you are a student with the dream to study in abroad then, here is everything you should know about education in a foreign land, which country to choose and other important factors involved.

Why Study Abroad? 

Over the years, education in foreign countries has become a popular choice among youths in India. There are several perks and benefits of studying abroad which attract students to pursue an education in foreign countries. 

  • One of the main reasons why students prefer abroad studies is the chance at a better education quality.
  • Studying abroad gives you the chance of experiencing a whole new culture. Living abroad gives you the opportunity to try new things such as food, music and other activities, meet new people and elaborate your social circle.
  • Abroad universities have a wide range of courses. You can apply for any course of your choice. You can find various courses to study abroad at the top universities. We know, the Indian universities provide only some major courses. This is one of the reasons why students go to other countries to study a course of their choice.
  • Abroad education is very profitable to one’s career. Students with a degree from a foreign university get better job opportunities and higher payroll.
  • Going for education abroad can help you become independent and stand up on your own feet. You learn to live on your own, do household chores and manage your studies as well.

10 Best places to study abroad for Indian students

When it comes to studying abroad, Indian students can be found in various parts of the world. Choosing the right university and the right country can be as hectic as choosing the right course. There are several organizations and career counselling institute which help students in making the right choice. IDP education is an international organization helping students who want admissions in abroad university. You can find all kinds of necessary information on their portal. It runs several career counselling programmes to guide students in choosing the right career option and the right country to pursue their ambitions in. Here is our study abroad guide for Indian students, including the 10 best countries for education, the cost involved and other faqs.

1. Study In Canada


Canada is one of the top choices among Indian students for higher education. Canada has millions of residing Indians therefore; the Indian government has launched many immigration policies that will allow you permanent residency based on how well you do. The cost of education is cheaper as compared to other countries and the scholarship offers are amazing. The higher education is divided into three systems, public universities, private universities and the liberal arts college. The study abroad programmes in Canada are of varieties, you can apply for any programme if you have the required qualifications needed.

  • Diploma course (1-2 years)
  • Advanced Diploma (2-3 years)
  • Undergraduate (3-4 years)
  • Post-graduate (2 years)
  • PhD (4-5 years involving dissertation)

Students can apply for both, government as well as non-government scholarships. Some institutions have their own scholarships programmes providing financial aid and other perks.

The top Canadian universities to study abroad are: 
  • University of Toronto 
  • University of Calgary 
  • University of Waterloo 
  • British Columbia University 

Cost of education in Canada is cheaper than other countries and the various scholarship programs make education in Canada more affordable. 

2. Study In USA


The USA is the world’s most desired country for higher education. It is home to several top universities providing the best education. Students from all over the world, go to the USA for study abroad programmes. Admission to one of USA’s top university can boost your career.

Some of the top universities in the USA are:
  • Harvard University 
  • Stanford University 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
  • California State University

Choosing the USA for study abroad provides students with several options of top universities and courses. The averages tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree in engineering is around 21 lakh for a year. The cost of living sums around 7 lakh per year. Most universities in the USA provide accommodation and other amenities for students. 

To be eligible for admission in a US-based university, students have to take sit for an examination, which is the SAT test. Your SAT score will decide which university you can apply to be enrolled in. To qualify for the Basic English proficiency, International students have to provide their TOEFL score. 

Besides education quality, the USA has an attractive lifestyle. There are several places to visit and travel. As international students, you will experience many new things and it will only help in your growth to become an individual. 

3. Study In UK

The UK is considered the best country for higher education. The UK is enriched with culture and beautiful landscapes, historical monuments. Living in the UK while studying, would be a very fulfilling experience.

The UK has some of the world’s best universities: 
  • King’s College London 
  • London business school 
  • University College London 
  • University of Oxford 

The average tuition fee in the UK, for the first year, is around 17 lakh and the cost of living is 5. 2 lakh. Students are offered a scholarship that will help you in getting some amount off the tuition fees. To be eligible for applying in a UK based university one must have the minimum required GRE score and the TOEFL score. While in the UK, students can take up part-time jobs and do internships. The UK government recently announced that international students will be given 2 years of a work visa after post-graduation. The visa application process for the UK is comparatively faster and if the students have the right motive and required documents then they are easily permitted a visa. Visa fees for Indian students are Rs. 32,000. The UK has several public-funded and privately owned universities providing world-class education. 

4. Study In Australia 


Australia is an exciting country to study abroad. The education quality in Australia is extremely good and it is home to some of the world’s best universities such as: 

  • The University of Sydney 
  • The University of Melbourne 
  • RMIT University 
  • Monash University 

Cost of education in Australia differs depending on the course and the programme you are opting for. On average, the 1-year tuition fees ranges between AU $ 20,000 to AU $37,000 for the master’s degree. As compared to other countries Australia is pretty expensive. The cost of living in Australia for international students is around AU $20, 000 each year. 

According to reports, in the year 2017 more than 6 lakh International students opted to study abroad in Australia. The visa application fee is around ₹ 28,000 and the process is moderate. Students can apply for a student visa which varies depending on the course. 

International students can work 40 hours part-time per Fortnite. Students can also apply for 2-4 years work permit visa after getting their degrees. Australian universities accept IELTS and PTE scores. 

5. Study In New Zealand


New Zealand is another popular education hub. If you are interested to go to New Zealand for higher education, you can apply for a student visa three months prior. The visa acceptance takes almost 8 to 12 weeks. The visa application fees are around 13,000 INR. International students can work for 20 hours a week on their student visa while studying. After completing your course you can apply for a 1-year work permit which is given to all international students. The education quality of New Zealand is good and their degrees are accepted in various parts of the world. Engineering, business and finance are some of the most popular sectors among international students. 

The average tuition fees in New Zealand for the first year is around ₹ 13 lakh, which is affordable and the cost of living is ₹ 4.46. Most universities in New Zealand accept an IELTS score of 6 and the PTE score of 52.

 Some of the best Universities in New Zealand are: 
  • University of Auckland 
  • Eastern Institute of Technology 
  • AUT University 
  • Victoria University of Wellington 

6. Study In Italy


Italy is a beautiful country to experience. The culture, food, language, clothing and lifestyle of Italy is very popular in every part of the world. Living in Italy is a dream of many people. If you are a person who wishes to spend some years of your life in Italy then a study abroad program in Italy would be perfect. Italy has a good education system, with universities offering several courses and programs to international students.

The best colleges in Italy for International students are:
  • University of bologna 
  • University of Padova 
  • Sapienza University of Rome 
  • Rome Business School 

The cost of education in Italy is very expensive. On average, the tuition fee for the first year of an MBA program is around 20 lakh. The cost of living is also comparatively higher, the amount being 5 Lakh per year. 

Italian Universities accept the IELTS score and the GMAT. Visa application process is moderate and the fee is affordable.  

7. Study In Spain


If want to do your higher education in an extremely beautiful country which is loaded with culture, religion, cuisine and historical monuments and places, Spain would be the best option. Spain has some very good universities which offer wide ranges of courses and programs. The universities also offer scholarships to international students. The cost of education in Spain is a lot cheaper than in other countries. The average tuition fee for the first year is somewhere between 11 lakh to 14 lakh. The cost varies depending on the university and the type of program you opt for. The cost of living, on the other hand, is more expensive as compared to its neighbouring countries. On average, international students have to spend Rs. 6 lakh per year as the cost of living.

The Best Universities in Spain are: 
  • TBS Business School 
  • IE Business school 
  • University of Barcelona 
  • Marbella Design Academy 

The Universities in France only require an average score of TOEFL to be eligible for application. The visa application process is moderate and the fee is not too expensive. 

8. Study In France


France is one of the most popular destinations for study abroad programs. The rich culture and cuisine attract students from all over the world. Since a lot of students’ dream of getting into a French university, the visa application process is therefore very complex. The cost of visa application is cheap ranging somewhere between 4000 to 5000. To apply for a student visa you will need the confirmation letter from a university and then an application by National visa. 

Most of the universities in France accept the average score of TOEFL and GRE. 

Under the student visa, international students are allowed to work for 964 hours per year and after completing their degree they can apply for a 24-month work permit. International students are offered scholarship programs as well.

The top French Universities which are preferred by most international students are: 
  • HEC Paris 
  • ESSEC Business School 
  • University of Nantes 
  • University of Cergy-Pontoise

9. Study In Germany


When it comes to studying abroad, Germany is among the most preferred country. One of the reasons why international students choose Germany is because of the very low cost of education. The average 1-year tuition fee in Germany is 1.27 Lakh and the cost of living is also affordable. Many universities in Germany offer scholarships to deserving international students who have the required qualifications.

Some of Germany’s top universities providing study abroad for international students are: 
  • Technical University of Munich 
  • Technical University of Berlin 
  • Ludwig Maximilians University 
  • RWTH Acahen University 

The education in Germany is free and that doesn’t compromise with the quality. Germany’s universities are ranked among the world’s most renowned universities. The public universities in Germany are free for all students, therefore you will only have to pay the administration fees which is a small amount. Universities in Germany accept GRE scores, IELTS and TOEFL. Visa application process is moderate and the cost is again, very cheap. International students can apply for an 18-month work permit after completing their course. 

10. Study In Singapore


Singapore is the most popular education destination in Asia. Being one of the most developed Asian countries with the best quality education, Singapore hosts millions of international students every year. A lot of Indians go to Singapore for higher education as it is closer and the travelling cost is cheaper. Singapore’s universities have made it to the list of top global universities.

Some of the best universities in Singapore for international students are: 
  • National University of Singapore 
  • Singapore Institute of Management 
  • Nanyang technological university 
  • Singapore Institute of Technology

Singapore has the world’s best lifestyle for any country. The average cost of living is cheaper as compared to other countries on the list. On average you will be spending 3 lakh per year on living. The cost of education is not too cheap but not expensive either. The average tuition fee for the first year for a Btech course is 11 lakh. The universities in Singapore accept an average IELTS score of 6, and the average accepted SAT score is 1261. The score varies depending on the course you are applying for. The visa application process is fast and students can apply for it online. After completing your education you can apply for a 3-month work permit visa. While doing your study abroad you can work an average of 16 hours per week. 

Cost of Abroad Education

While going to a foreign country for education, the cost is one of the major factors to consider. Choosing the education system that will provide you with quality education, good scholarship programmes in an affordable budget is a wise choice. The total cost of abroad education involves tuition fees, accommodation cost, healthcare cost many others.  

  • Tuition fees 

This is the major expense that you will be making. Different countries have a different average cost of tuition fees, which further vary depending on the course you opt for and the institution.  A scholarship can help you get some percentage off the tuition fees. 

  • Accommodation cost 

Most of the Study abroad colleges provide accommodations to their international students and the cost is involved in the fees. Some, however, do not provide accommodations or if you prefer off-campus residence then, there are many options to choose from. Rent can be expensive so if you want to save money you can choose sharing, where you will be sharing apartments or rooms with other people. 

  • Cost of living 

When you stay in a country for a long period of time, there are certain costs involved. You will need money for your everyday expenses such as grocery shopping, food, travelling cost. Besides, there will be bills to pay such as mobile phone bills, health care expenses and of course, travelling expenses. 

  • Visa Cost 

Applying for a visa can be costly. Every country has its own visa application cost, study abroad students can apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Reasons to Study Abroad

  • Better career options 

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to expand your career and grab better opportunities. Study abroad programs have a wide range of courses for international students. With a degree from an esteemed college of a foreign country, you are more qualified for better job opportunities 

  • New experiences 

Living in a new country can be a fun experience. You get to meet so many people belonging to different parts of the world and bond with them. You also learn about a different culture, their language and their lifestyle. When you live far away from home, you learn to be more independent. One of the best benefits of studying abroad is travel, travelling in a new country will fill you with memories of a lifetime. 


Is it worth studying abroad for Indian students?

Yes, studying abroad is a good choice for Indian students. Students get a better quality of education and a chance of landing good jobs. Your portfolio’s value increases tenfold with a degree from a foreign university. 

Which is the best country to study abroad for Indian students?

The UK is considered as the best country to study abroad for Indian students. The quality of education, as well as lifestyle in the UK, is high. There are several scholarships programmes for international students

Which is the cheapest country for Indian students to study abroad?

When it comes to providing quality education at the cheapest cost, Norway comes at the top of the list. The study abroad courses at public universities in Norway are free for students for International students outside the EU as well.


Studying abroad opens many new doors in your career and your personal life. You get to experience a whole new country, culture, food and language. Living in a different country while studying will help you become more independent and open new doors in your career.  There are several countries which offer scholarships and various internships programs to International students to help them get the best education. If you are motivated and work hard, you can get an admission to one of the world’s top University. 


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