13 Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students (2020)

Thousands of students aspire to study abroad. Other than the ambitions, a very good academic portfolio, there is one thing that keeps you far away from studying abroad. So, what is it? 

The expense is a big concern, which always depends on the country of studying. For example, if you wish to study in the USA or Canada, the annual fees rise to $40,000 and keep increasing annually. If you wish to go for scholarships, there are various loopholes and expenses that sometimes scholarship doesn’t cover, such as stationery expenses. Loan, on the other hand, is not a safe way, with all the interests and mortgages to pay. Therefore, there are many cheap countries to study that you need to look at.

After all, everyone wishes to study at an international university, which leaves us in a critical condition. You can easily pursue your dream by selecting the best affordable and cheapest country to study. Within so many considerations and choices to make, affordable universities open many doors for students in the matter of career.

As Indians, we respect your wise decision to study in an affordable country and that’s why we bring you a list of of-13 cheap countries to study to visit for Indian students. here are some countries that you can consider:

Which country is the most expensive to study?

When we look forward to excessive education countries, most of them include in the world ranking. In short, the USA, the UK, and Australia are famous countries that are very expensive.

In the USA, tuition fees range from INR 15 to 22 lakhs in a public college and INR 26-35 lakhs in a private college. The average tuition fees in Australia amount to about INR 15 lakhs while in the UK, it is approximately INR 12 lakhs.

Your total cost depends upon many factors, such as the niche you are studying, your lifestyle, and transportation. These total costs can add up to INR 20,000 per month, which only includes necessities. The total cost is around INR 25- 35 lacs annually.

Job is a hard prospect to find, which leaves you with no options. Therefore, if you are planning to study in countries where education is free, make sure that you think of all the possible finances, including emergency money, no job money, semester failure money, or sometimes currency changing money. It is important to think of 4-5 years of money on the hand, which always makes it impossible for students to study with such uncertainty.

13 Most Affordable Countries with Cheapest Education programs

The best option is studying in an affordable country abroad in cheap education programs. Therefore, the program’s cost may differ from each other depending on the facilities, cost of living.

Here are the cheapest countries to study that offer excellent educational ambience and great facilities within a very decent budget:

1. Study In Germany 


Great Germany stands as the 4th most popular international destination for higher education in the world. Just like you, It is a beautiful country and a great place where you can receive Germany free education.

According to the research, Indians emerge as the 2nd largest group of international students recorded at German universities. The German free tuition system is available for all international students, regardless of their country of origin. You can easily study Bachelors and Master programs, and degrees are highly respectable. Management Programs in Germany are paid courses. Most students prefer to study in Germany due to the scholarship factor that they provide to locals and even internationally. You can easily get “DAAD” Scholarships if you are an eligible candidate.

Free education in Germany doesn’t charge any fees, but you pay INR 40,000 per year as a social contribution fee. 

It is easier to get a job in Germany during your studies if you have a higher level of German proficiency. Your cost of living will be around INR 6-7 Lacs annually.

2. Study In Sweden


Over the years, Europe’s northernmost country Sweden has started to become the best study abroad destination due to the affordable fees. The super clean environment, friendly people, and beautifying societies make it the best place to study abroad.

Sweden universities master in programs like engineering, management, and social sciences. Studying in Sweden is quite different due to self-study and group work. In Sweden, education is provided in English. These Universities are well known for their variety of study programs and best amongst free education countries. Tuition fees are between INR 6-9 Lacs annually. 

You can easily get a scholarship grant for your university, depending on your academic performance. You can get Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) for full-time master’s level studies in Sweden. 

You can easily get a job in Sweden, but for that, you might need to learn Swedish. You can work part-time as a teaching assistant at the university. 

Living in Sweden can cost around INR 69,000 per month, including food and accommodation.

3. Study In Finland


Discover Finland’s higher education and a wide range of study programs in English! Finland always remains one of the affordable options for students who want to study in countries with free education. Finland charges no fees for students coming from any region for studying.

Finland includes a total of 34 universities and schools, where you can study free for undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Altogether, Finnish higher education institutions offer over 400 programs all in English. Indian students studying in Finland are required to pay tuition when studying for bachelor’s and master’s level programs in English. 

Many public institutions in Finland charge no tuition fees for PhD programs. You can also get 100% scholarships to talented international students in undergraduate studies and Masters like the “University of Helsinki” scholarships for international students. The tuition fees range from INR 2-14 Lacs annually.

Monthly living expenses for Indian students are quite affordable around INR 55,000 annually. Living costs are typically higher in larger cities than in smaller ones. Students can easily earn up to 25 hours for a paid job.

4. Study In New Zealand


New Zealand is becoming a preferred destination for Indian students because of its high-class education and variety of programs offered in the English language.

New Zealand’s universities are internationally recognized and the best option if you prefer low cost study in Australia. The easy visa process makes it easy for students to apply. According to education counsellors, masters or PhD is the preferred choice. You can study Tourism, Engineering, IT, and under various graduate and Post Graduate programs. Fees for undergraduate range from about INR 11 lacks annually with higher fees for subjects such as health sciences. You can also complete many bachelor’s programs under 3-years.

The living expenses in New Zealand are cheaper than the UK, U.S, and Australia. With a student visa, students can work 20 hours weekly. You can also work full time during scheduled holidays. The minimum cost of living is approximately INR 1-4 lakh per year.

5. Study In Brazil


If you want to combine your studies with relaxing in the sun and enjoying football matches, then brazil is the best choice for you. Art, from this, brazil is a popular destination known for free education for international students who wish to study high-class place. 

Courses can last anywhere between 2-6 years. Public universities offer high-quality education and free education for international students. At the bigger universities, there are many degrees taught in English. You can get a scholarship, but for that, you need to give a test and get a higher score. You can also give CELPE-Bras, which is a certificate for Portuguese that is recognized in Brazil. It eventually helps with the lower-cost fee. Private institutions can charge around INR 1 lac to 6 lacs depending on where you study. Public universities offer free education to international students, while private institutions are more costly. 

Brazil is an affordable country to live in unless you want to live in luxury. The average living costs are around INR 5000 in a month. You can get 12-week work experience if you owlish up your Portuguese.

6. Study In Austria


Home to many popular tourist destinations, beautiful landscapes, and ambience, Austria can be quite pricey. Or the years, Austria has made itself stand out amongst free education countries for Indian students. You can also apply for admission to Austrian universities through an online website.

Parents love to send their child to Austria not just because of free tuition fee, but because Austria is rich in cultural heritage and rich environment. In Austria, you can review an excellent studying platform around INR 57,000 per semester. You can decide to study at the Universities of Applied Sciences under INR 40,000.

The universities in Austria do not offer on-campus accommodation, but you can easily get home living in Austria. You can expect to get a private accommodation in 25,000 in with privacy. 

7. Study In Denmark


With a population of only 5.8 million, Denmark is the best destination for education worldwide. Denmark is one of the countries offering free education to international students or you might have to pay some tuition fees that are very affordable.

In Denmark, you can get the same scholarship rights as Danish nationals, which will provide you with free education. Denmark focuses on research and high-quality education, where you can easily get professional education and be the person of your dreams.

In Denmark, you not only relieve a good education, but they teach you to practice so you can implement these in your lives. Danish education institutions offer more than 500+ programs that are taught in English.

Studying in Denmark at best universities costs around INR 5-10 lacks annually. Some famous universities are Aarhus University and Copenhagen Business School.

On top of that, there’s the high cost of living for international students is around INR 60,000 a month that also depends on how much you choose to spend.

8. Study In China

cheapest-country-to-studyChina is the number one study destination in Asia for international students. The great wall of china entitles exciting cultural and full of heritage places that evoke the legends of history. Over the years, now china has been a preferred destination and you can get to study in one of the zero tuition fee universities.

China provides financial support for international students helping with funding opportunities, including more than 40,000 scholarships. Therefore, if you want to study for free in China, make sure you learn Chinese first. The expenses of study abroad in China ranges between INR 2-10 Lacs per year. Most affordable Chinese universities are Ningbo University costing up to 1 lack per year and Northwestern Polytechnical University costing up to 4 lacks annually.

The living cost ranges around INR 6,000-50,000 per month. The most common housing options in China are student residence halls where you can live with your Indian friends and group study together.

9. Study In Norway


Norway entails high-quality education and top-notch living standards. Studying in Norway, you’ll witness incredible scenery and rich academic scope.

Norway incorporates many programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. At foreign universities, you won’t find enough programs to study, unlike the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Most undergraduate degrees around Norway are taught in Norwegian. At the Master level, Norway offers close to 200 programs, which you can study in English.

Norway free education only lets you pay for a small registration fee. It costs around INR 3,000 a semester. This semester fee gets helps you get access to health services, counselling, and sports facilities as well as an official student card.

Norway free education, but you shouldn’t ignore the country’s high cost of living. Living in Troms costs around INR 68,000 per month to cover basic expenses. You can work for a part-job for 20 hours alongside your studies.

10. Study In Spain


Spain attracts several foreigners due to its cultural legacy and cultural diversification. What many people don’t know is that Spain is the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students.

Spain always remains a number-1 choice for Indian students and other international students who want to study in Europe. Due to higher tuition fees of private universities, affordable public universities remain the best choice for Indian students. For bachelor and Master, it can cost up to INR 3 lacks annually. You can study the degree of your choice at affordable universities like the University of Granada, which costs up to INR 72, 000 annually, and the University of Valencia costs up to INR 2 lacks. As a recommendation, business and arts are one of the most master subjects taught by universities in Spanish universities.

The overall living cost for international students is in the range of INR 10 lacks per year. If you choose to live in cities like Valencia or Cadiz, you can experience living costs drop to INR 6 lacks at an average.

11. Study In Ireland


Other than the lush greenery and hills, Ireland is one of the cheapest universities in the world for international students consisting of 18,500 students who come from abroad. 

Here, you can find some top-rated universities with low or no tuition fees. Most of the undergraduate courses offered by public universities are free.

Also, these universities offer popular subjects and courses to study, which has lots of scopes. These universities and colleges offer some of the most popular courses in the field of business studies, medical courses, social sciences, and literature. All the education and research material are always up to date.

All, international students despite where they come from, have to pay a student contribution fee. It ranges to a maximum of INR 2 lacks annually for student services, like examination entries and support for student societies. The contribution fee varies from one university to another, and they charge annually, at the beginning of the year. 

For postgraduate studies, students should expect to pay tuition fees that range between INR 26 lacks. To avail fees-free initiative, you have to apply for the government funding program, and prove that you are an eligible candidate.

Living Expenses range to INR 8 lakh. You can also select to live for an off-campus accommodation wherein you can share apartments with your Indian friends. 

12. Study In Poland


Poland consists of some oldest universities and an increasingly top choice for above 70,000+ students. Along with its rich history, Poland is the cheapest country to study in Europe with a wide range of programs.

Even though Poland is a part of Europe, but still here, you can find programs in English. 

Poland has around 500 Universities from where you can decide to study in a public or private institution. The cheap universities can cost around INR 3 – 7 lacks per academic year. Few programs like MBA can cost you around INR 13 lacks. Studying in Poland opens many doors for you, such as scholarships awarded by Polish higher education institutions if you are eligible.

For Indian students, Poland stands as one of the preferred study destinations due to its reasonable living cost and other accommodations. The living cost for Indian students ranges to INR 29,00 per month.

13. Study In Switzerland


Switzerland is famous because of the swiss culture, the respecting locals, and peaceful mountains. Switzerland never holds back when it comes to the cheapest education abroad.

Here, you can find 12 universities with plenty of degrees to choose from.

The good news is that Switzerland provides low tuition fees for students. Here, you can find science and research-focused higher education institutions. Average education costs for masters and bachelors at swiss universities total up to INR 3,000 to 3 lacks per year. For PhD degrees, it might cost up to INR 76,000 annually. Most affordable swiss universities are the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne, where you can study with your Indian friends.

The cost of living is very high in Switzerland. You can work in Switzerland as an international student up to 15 hours after clearing your 3rd semesters.  Living in cities like Geneva and Zurich can cost up to 2 lacks a month to pay for accommodation and leisure activities. 

  • Which is the cheapest country to study in Europe?

The cheapest country to study in Europe is always Germany and Italy. “Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa” and “Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna” provides free education in Italy. Along with this, Germany also opens many doors for education-wise when you decide to study “TU Dresden” or the “free university of Berlin.” 

Norway is also regarded as a free education country and as an affordable study destination. Both of these 3 countries provide free education for students belonging to Europe or outside of Europe. This creates many hopes for students and parents belonging to middle house families, to send their children to study abroad.

  • Which is the cheapest country to do an MBA?

An MBA can cost around INR  20 to 50 lakhs, depending on where you decide to study. You can easily decide to do the cheapest MBA abroad at Renmin University of China School of Business, which originally costs around INR 18 lacks for whole tuition fees. 

This university is situated in Beijing, China. Also, the Chinese government provides ample of scholarships and grants to pave your way through getting lower fees. Therefore, you need to be an eligible candidate and have the best academic performance. If not scholarship, then you can work as a teaching assistant or part-time work to fund your finances.

  • Which is the cheapest country to study for a master’s degree?

Undoubtedly, Germany and Norway are the best countries to study for the master’s program. You can decide to study for free at public universities. Norway is best known for its cheapest country to study Master’s degree, and in Germany, you can find a plethora of programs to study for masters. 

Though, the pricing can be different from each other. Germany plus Norway both take social contribution fee, that ranges from INR 3000 to 40,000, which gives you access for academics, educational portals, and examinations. If you plan to study business in Germany, then you need to get enrolled in a private university.

  • Can a poor student study abroad?

Yes, a poor student can afford to study abroad if he is a responsible and hardworking student. Most of the time, finials don’t matter but the struggling and enthusiasm go a student leads him to study abroad. There are thousands of students studying abroad that come from different backgrounds and among them ae poor people. 

You don’t need to lose your hope and ambitions as you can easily get scholarships and grants if you are an eligible candidate. Not in the cheapest country, but if you are a considerate student, you can get yourself enrolled in free education in France for international students.

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